Captain Mike’s Videos


How to filet a crappie!

Dad’s nice catfish fight on an ultralight!

Dad catching a nice Bass on an Ultralight!

Trolling with 12 rods!

The Bucky Whip Episode 1 “Introduction” 2018

The Bucky Whip Episode 2 “Proof” 2019

The Bucky Whip Episode 3 “The Trend” 2019

The Bucky Whip Episode 4 “Product Development” 2020

Message to my Dad 2019 “Thank You for taking me hunting all my life!”

Eli Doing the Crappie dance!

Grant Grant The Crappie dance man!

Shad around the dock underwater light!

Paddlefish below the dam in fast water.

Payton’s largest Bass!

Nick’s Crappie catch!

Father teaching Daughter to Fly fish and catch her first on my new boat!

3 kids calling up the Crappie!

The Lock Ness sighting! Oh wait it’s 2 deer swimming across the big lake.

Flathead Catfish caught on 6lb test 5ft ultralight How to Filet!

Lake Ozark Snapping Turtle mating season June 2020

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